Monday, 14 September 2015

Neil Barrett Spring/Summer 2016

Neil Barrett's recent menswear collection took quite the dramatic turn in contrast to some of his other collections. Unlike previous shows, he showed no bombers, sweatshirts, sweatpants, which what he says, "none of what I'm known for," ironically, of course. Usually basing his collections on tone, he focused the garments to be about pattern instead. Using modern, sleek and clean-cut styles, Barrett gave us quite a masculine and contrasting collection which aired an equal sense of balance between patterns and colors. He mixed American workwear styles with the grace of European tailoring, which is prominent, for example, when he had slouchy cuffed pants paired with a clean crisp white top, shown below.

He also mixed strong, vibrant patterns with solid black trousers, and vice versa as shown here with knee-length trench jackets, shown here twice.

Another trend was short sleeved shirts with white crisp shirts folded sharply over the arms, giving a chic masculine look that complimented each models physique.

He also used pops of blue to break up the futuristic black and white aesthetic, shown below.

These leopard patterned collared jackets were a statement among the solid blue jeans and white shirts, which made them stand out.

Each models footwear were added specifically to match the outfit by not adding another color, but rather to tie in a solid color, such as a shirt, or by keeping the same print as shown in the last photo. Accessories were kept to a minimum, which were a basic black satchel, not primarily featured in the runway looks.

Overall, the entire runway show had a consistent theme of a modern, military-eske look, with patterns including nautical stripes, camouflage, and futuristic sleek tops that were perfectly balanced against the pants. Each look tied in nicely with the perfectly laid out runway, which main feature was the carpet itself, which was a camouflage print, which in turn matched a few of the pants shown above. As Neil Barrett himself said, "These are future classic looks," which he said with confidence. 

This entire collection totally envisions the general future trends for the trendy man in the Spring / Summer season to come this following year, and I expect to see more of this style coming up in the future!