Thursday, 15 May 2014

CHANEL Dubai Cruise Resort Show 2014/15

Firstly, let me tell you that no, This past Monday, May 13th, 2014 the house of CHANEL held the Chanel Cruise Resort Fashion Show and took place in a custom island for the show and featured a beautiful, well thought out atmosphere. Being that the show was previewed in Dubai, the setting was ideal for the Arabic vibes in Dubai, and the fashion garments shown throughout the show was perfect for it's location. 

Only Karl Lagerfeld could make a barren desert island into a prestigious setting for a show with a matter of a few short weeks. The aesthetic flow of the runway and the Middle Eastern carvings of the double CC logo in the walls was perfect for it's location. The seating was traditional for the audience, featuring low seats and neutral colors which kept your eyes on the models, including their stunning makeup.

"This is something we could not dream of, fifteen, twenty years ago," Lagerfeld declared. "Look at this island, it's like Atlantis, which rose out of the sea!"

Due to the setting, there were certain trends in the overall theme that would be directed to the people of Dubai and the Middle East. There were several trends that emerged, such as:

The harem pant: These billowy pants and their elastic ankle cuffs were a constant at Chanel. 

The hair brooch: The très-voluminous hairstyles used for each model almost swallowed each models headbands, which gave an allusion on floating crescent moons in the centre of their hair.

Lots of accessories and symmetrically placed: When it came to accessories, Karl kept it all in line and symmetric. Mainly there were bracelets on both wrists.

The nail-less glove: Karl's long been a fan of fingerless gloves, but for this cruise show, there was a nail-less trend, just enough to expose your tips.

The thigh-high sock-sandal hybrid: Why wear socks with sandals when you can wear it together?

As you can tell, an obvious theme was present, including big hair, lots of accessories, and statement patterns. Everything featured was geared toward the Middle Eastern society, as Karl is always an expert on for each venue he displays his collections.

Chanel imbeds such exquisite details into the show and makeup is never an exception. Bronzed skin, featured eyes, simple lips and lots of lashes and smokey lids, and foil like gold leafs on the inner tear duct were beautifully presented.

The finale, was beautifully laid out and perfectly tied together each design into the theme. Hudson Kroenig, the son of Brad Kroenig and Godson of Karl Lagerfeld was featured at the end of of the show.

Artist: Dukes of Chutney
Title: Domino
Label: Beats in Space Record

Artist: Dukes of Chutney
Title: You, Me, The Chimp, and Acapulco
Label: Beats in Space Records

Artist: Mark E
Title: Call Me (Dixon Edit)
Label: Merc Music / Phoenix Music International


Overall, the show was gorgeously laid out and incorporated beautiful attire as Chanel always comes out with. This Show was one of my favourites to date and I only wish I could have been there to see it in person!

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Tuesday, 6 May 2014

How to Have Great Teeth - White and Clean!

As we all know, one of the first parts of a person we notice when we first see them is their teeth. Maintaining your teeth is not only highly beneficial for your health, but also improves your overall appearance to those you meet. (It also gives you a good self confidence boost!)

Starting with the most obvious step:

 Brush Your Teeth!
As there are many different kinds of toothbrushes on the market, it can sometimes be hard to find one that you may think is good. Most of the toothbrushes are the same, so the key thing to look out for is finding one that has soft bristles and a tongue cleaner. It really doesn't matter as much as what toothbrush you have, but more of how you use it. I recommend any toothbrush that Oral-B makes or one of the electric ones!
Starting in the back of your mouth, clean the sides, top and bottom, and work your way to the front. To maintain good oral hygiene, it is a necessity to remember that even though you can't see the back teeth when smiling, these are the ones which normally give people problems if not taken care of properly. 

What Toothpaste do I use?
If you are looking to get and maintain a whiter smile - I recommend Crest 3D WHITE Toothpaste, as it definitely whitens your smile very quickly and leaves you with fresh breath.  If your teeth tend to be sensitive, I recommend Sensodyne toothpaste, as it helps with sensitivity to teeth nerves and gums. There has been some controversy with the little beads that are mixed in with the toothpaste and them getting stuck in your gums, but to avoid this, just rinse your mouth out with mouthwash as you will see in the next step.

As you may tell, I am in love with the Crest 3D line, as it definitely whitens your teeth substantially.  The mouthwash is one that definitely leaves you with fresh breath, and definitely white teeth. After brushing, use this, and then on to the next step, flossing.
This is one of the most important steps, as it can prevent yellow and decayed teeth, and bad breath. Flossing can get in-between tight teeth and remove plaque and residue from the day that can brushing can leave behind. Your gums should naturally appear pinky, not red or inflamed. Flossing is a vital component of getting white teeth as it gets more plaque off and saves you from getting cavities, as well as helping to whiten your teeth!


Some people don't only want to have fresh, healthy mouths, but they also want that beautiful, pearly white smile. I have been using Crest 3D whitestrips once in a while, and they do help, but I find that they can and sometimes do irritate your gums, but my teeth do become whiter. Try to not use these too often as they can damage your enamel, and sometimes doing the steps above can pay off much more than using these strips. All-in-all, they still do work and I love them for when I feel like I want to get a whiter smile for a special event or day!


These tips listed above will help you to get a gorgeous healthy white smile, but there are also lifestyle changes that can help you boost your oral health and teeth. To get great white teeth, you can:

  • Chew gum. This produces more saliva and can eliminate all of the particles that can get stuck around your teeth, and will get rid of bad breath!

  • Avoid sugary drinks. These stain your teeth easily and degrade your teeth, and most times you feel gross afterwards! This will not only benefit your oral health, but also your general well being. You'll feel a million times better!

  • Focus on the health of your teeth, not just the colour of them. White teeth doesn't always necessarily mean healthy!

  • Obviously,  follow all the steps above in the morning and at night.