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This past Tuesday, January 21st, the House of CHANEL held their Spring Summer 2014 Haute Couture show at the Grand Palais in Paris (not to be confused with the CHANEL Spring Summer 2014 Ready to Wear show), where the theme appeared minimalistic, with elegant styles and soft, gentle looks  The exquisitely detailed fashion was grounded by some harsher touches with the help of halo effect manga-styled hair (all by Sam McKnight), the athletically inclined footwear, as well as the bold yet simple eye makeup (created by Peter Philips). Music was provided by well-known French singer/songwriter & multi-instrumentalist, S├ębastien Tellier, which also included a full orchestra as well as an opera singer. The venue was both modern and organic, with rows of undulating seating for invited guests, and a rotating stage that held double staircases, used by the models. The wedding gown finale was elegant and visually stunning, as the model (Cara Delevingne) appeared in a simple but embellished sheath with a train accompanied by an angelic-looking boy, while Karl Lagerfeld appeared to take a last bow.
The looks created by Peter Philips seemed crystalline and pure; faces were left flawlessly bare with just the faintest hints of blush, while the lips appeared more toned down and just lightly tinted, leaving the eyes as the focus with their heavy & graphic black strokes of liner on the upper lid, winging out, while thick lines of prismatic glitter lined the bottom lashes – bringing light to the entire face, and providing a clean simple contrast. The nails were subtle as well, displaying a soft pink tone, staying simple yet making a statement.

The Venue: The nave of the Grand Palais, with it's rotating stage and double staircases used by the models, and the natural, bright looking auditorium style seating.

Eye Makeup by Peter Phillips

Models Backstage

CHANEL Spring Summer Haute Couture 2014

CHANEL Spring Summer Haute Couture 2014

The 14 minute full video is an exquisite, gorgeous, riveting show which is accompanied by the musical works by S├ębastien Tellier. The main theme of this "collection" was very thinning and light, pale, but with very small details which made it simplistic but with bold statements. Overall this show had me glued to my screen the whole time - if only I could've been there to watch it live! 

The Finale, including Karl Lagerfeld and Model Cara Delevingne, was perfectly laid out and showed the elegance of what CHANEL really is. The fluidity of the show, and within the outfits themselves were flawless. CHANEL has done it once again, creating a unique show unlike no other.

If you have read thus far - I hope you've enjoyed this overview of the CHANEL HAUTE COUTURE, and be stay tuned for more blog posts like this. 

I will be trying to upload more posts here, but I've been very busy with life. Unfortunately, I did not get to post as many things for the month of december, but I will be trying very hard to keep up weekly with this. Again, thanks once again for checking this out, and if you've enjoyed, please comment down below or share this, it would be greatly appreciated. 

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