Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Winter Outfit

Winter Fashion

During the colder months, fashion is a lot easier (in my opinion) because you often can dress it up, add layers and lots of accessories. The outfit shown above is one of the more simpler outfit. A simple sweater and skinny jeans are perfect for the Winter. Doc Martens are a staple in any collection of shoes. These boots can always complete the look and are always look perfect and feel wonderful.. I got my Doc Martens at a store in my local mall, which sold for around $175 which is quite the price, but they last so long and look so good season after season. Just polish them with a neutral leather cleaner ever so often, and they will stay looking brand new. Adding accessories can always change up the look, so by adding a gold chain (from H&M or local thrift stores) and/or a watch, (Marc Jacobs above) can always dress it up. 
This is just a simple outfit for the cold weather, but you can always add jackets, hats, scarves and many more items. For my next few blogspots, I will be creating many more diverse looks for this season.

My inspiration for my fashion definitely comes from American Apparel, and my own ensembles. High end fashion brands also inspire me for other looks, (not this look, this is one of my main outfits) many of which I will be reviewing later on hopefully.

This is my first outfit post and I will be definitely be doing many more for this holiday season! I hope this may have inspired you or helped you pick out some new outfits :)